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Standard Development Company (“Standard”) is a fully-vertically integrated convenience store development company; developing net leased convenience stores across the United States under the brand Standard. Standard has its roots in Arkansas but has quickly expanded across all States. Standard Service Stations is the operational arm of Standard Development Company. We own and operate branded and unbranded convenience stores across ten states (currently). We very simply claim to be the Chik-Fil-A of convenience stores.

We are revolutionizing the convenience store industry through laser-precision-tactical service models. Some of these stations will be “members only”, wherein the station is gated; with full service at the pump and inside; and requiring a monthly membership (much like a tunnel car wash) for entrance to the station. The products offered inside this store model will be proprietarily sourced – interspersed with locally grown business. Our focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly building includes the use of LEED Certified materials and intermodal or shipping containers. We will have NO explicit or inappropriate material on our shelves. No one will need to worry about what their family might see inside of our coffee-shop-like convenience stores. Enjoy a drink at our smoothie bar or bring the family for some local ice cream while your electric vehicle charges outside. You will receive Chick-fil-a like service and security at all of our locations. We are excited to have you join the movement!

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